Think Like a Scientist

Think Like a...

Science at its most basic is knowledge about and study of the truths of the world. A scientist studies the world around us?and sometimes within us?to learn more about the rules that govern it and the reasons why things work the way they do. In this informative book, students will read more about science and the way scientists look at a question or problem, learning through examples that range from the deepest mysteries of the human body to the far-flung reaches of space. Thought-provoking questions about medicine, animals, the universe, and much more will draw readers in and get them pondering more about the world we live in.

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Reading Level: 9

Interest Level: 7-12+

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-4994-7104-5
Author : Anne Rooney
Copyright : 2022
Language : English
Pages : 160
Trim : 6" x 9"
Dewey : 509.2'2--dc23
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