Zoo on the Moon

What can you find in a zoo on the moon? This amusing picture book invites young readers to visit the amazing imaginary animals that live on the moon. They'll meet laughing giraffes, sock-wearing camels, and even penguins that look like snails. Readers will be challenged to imagine creative creatures that are truly out of this world. This whimsical book in rhyme is sure to keep kids laughing—and turning the pages.
• curiosity and open-mindedness
• critical thinking
• identifying solutions to problems

* Reviews *

NetGalley -- There are many ways this imaginative book about animals in a zoo on the moon could be used in classrooms. Kids could make up their own animals mixing up body parts and being creative. I really liked the story and art. -- NetGalley -- Fans of Dr. Seuss and his crazy, made-up characters will love Zoo on the Moon by David Walker. This funny, rhyming picture book tells of all of the crazy creatures you might find in a zoo on the moon This book is sure to draw kids in with the funny pictures and silly ideas. I could also see it being a great jumping-off point for writing their own silly stories and stretching their imaginations. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers of children in the age 49 range.
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Reading Level: 1-2

Interest Level: Pre-K-3

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-5081-9903-8
Author : David Walker
Copyright : 2023
Language : English
Pages : 32
Trim : 11" x 8 1/2"
Dewey(two) : [E]--dc23
Subject : Picture Books
Binding : Library