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Matter may seem like a simple concept, but it can be ambiguous. Its different states can add to its complexity. This title offers straightforward explanatory text that clearly defines matter and its properties in ways that are approachable to elementary readers and aligned with science curricula. It also features “Word Wise” fact boxes which define important terms related to matter on the same spreads the terms are used. Additional fact boxes titled “Compare and Contrast” and “Consider This” expand on key ideas involving matter. Each spread also offers eye-catching images that depict relatable examples of matter. This title is sure to provide readers with a lasting understanding of matter and its many important forms.

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Reading Level: 2-3

Interest Level: 1-5

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-6419-0057-7
Author : Marie Harts
Copyright : 2024
Language : English
Pages : 32
Trim : 8" x 8"
Dewey : 530.4--dc23
Fact Boxes • Full-Color Photographs • Further Information Section • Glossary • Index