Math in Action

10 Fun Math Activities

Bring Science Home

Love it or hate it, math is behind much of what makes today's modern world run smoothly. Readers will find out just how important math is to their everyday lives—and to important human advancements such as exploring Mars—with this intriguing title that features ten fun, math-powered activities. Step-by-step instructions and colorful illustrations will guide readers through activities including creating an obstacle course for a Mars rover and using a shadow to measure Earth's circumference. Carefully crafted text breaks down key mathematical curricula concepts including physics, angles, and energy.

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Reading Level: 5-6

Interest Level: 4-6

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-6841-6964-1
Author : Scientific American Editors
Copyright : 2023
Language : English
Pages : 64
Trim : 6 1/2" x 9 1/8"
Dewey : 510--dc23
Detailed Table of Contents • Glossary • Further Information Section • Index • Activities • Step-by-Step Instructions