Everyone Has a Job on the Farm

Farmyard Tales

Cows give milk, chickens lay eggs, and sheep grow warm, woolly coats—but what does the cat do to help out? When the other animals scold the cat for slacking off, they learn just how important she really is! This engaging fiction book introduces readers to barnyard animals and the special jobs they do. Playful illustrations immerse readers in life on the farm, while age-appropriate text fosters reading comprehension skills. Young readers and listeners alike will relate to this charming story and its moral of appreciating everyone’s talents and contributions.

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Reading Level: 1

Interest Level: Pre-K-2

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-5383-2184-3
Author : Melissa Shofner
Copyright : 2018
Language : English
Pages : 24
Trim : 8" x 8"
Dewey : [F]--dc23
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