Black Widows

Tiny Terrors

Was there a flash of red on that spider? Uh oh, it's a black widow! These small spiders can pack a big punch of venom, but they're also often misunderstood. In this book, readers will enter the webby world of black widow spiders, learning about the dozens of species around the world. Photographs give a safe glimpse into spider lives, while manageable text introduces life science concepts through intriguing information about these dangerous arachnids.

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Reading Level: 2-3

Interest Level: 2-5

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-6428-2622-7
Author : Jill Keppeler
Copyright : 2024
Language : English
Pages : 24
Trim : 8" x 8"
Dewey : 595.4--dc24
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