Understanding Economics

Economic decision making?that is, how a society chooses to use and share its resources?plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals and the management of business, government, and society at large. This series simplifies the main topics in economics?from supply and demand to entrepreneurship and trade?in a way that is clear and engaging for all students. Readers will understand the role of economics in all facets of life and also encounter specific examples of how economics affects them in their everyday life. Historical trends are explained, as are current issues that affect economic forces, such as immigration, taxation, and the minimum wage.
? Supports the requirements of the C3 Framework for Social Studies for students to understand economic decision making, exchange and markets, and national and global economies
? Features diagrams and other visual devices to reinforce information provided in the text
? Examines economics on the local, national, and international levels?providing breadth of scope in terms of economic understanding

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