In the Headlines: Sets 1 ? 5

Known for its world-renowned, groundbreaking journalism,
The New York Times has its finger on the global pulse, bringing the biggest news
items happening today to the forefront of the world's attention. This riveting
collection identifies topics of the timeliest interest, compiling The Times's
most compelling coverage of the social and cultural movements and events making
headlines. With introductions to contextualize the historical importance of each
collection of articles, these volumes allow readers to track stories as they
happened in real time. Media literacy terms and questions help readers
understand important journalistic principles such as balance and attribution,
and identify story angles, bias, and motive.

• Expertly written introductions
provide context for each curated volume, equipping readers to understand the
broader narrative in which each article is situated

• Media literacy
questions encourage students to assess each article critically, helping readers
identify sources and bias, and evaluate the effectiveness of how information is
presented and organized

• Glossaries define key terminology, including
important media literacy terms and vocabulary from the articles

• Article
citation lists provide students proper citations for every article in MLA

• Indexes allow students to search for specific terms or topics,
enabling them to quickly identify articles of use for school projects and
research papers

Single Copy Set List: $1,027.74 / S&L: $873.60

Reading Level: 9

Interest Level: 7-12+

Product type : Single Copy Set
ISBN : 978-1-6428-2429-2
Copyright : 2021
Language : English
Pages : 224
Trim : 6" x 9"
Black-and-White Photographs • Glossary • Index • Media Literacy Terms • Media Literacy Questions • MLA Citations • Detailed Table of Contents
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