The Seventh Amendment

Amendments to the United States Constitution: The Bill of Rights

While jury trials in criminal cases are recognized as vitally important to safeguarding the Constitutional rights of the accused, the right to a jury trial in civil cases is a less understood, celebrated, and valued right. This book is an invaluable reminder of just how important the Seventh Amendment is to the promotion and preservation of fairness and justice in America. By entrusting a jury of ordinary and impartial citizens to decide the outcome of lawsuits, the framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights removed the power from the judges, who could potentially be swayed and corrupted. The Seventh Amendment levels the playing field, guaranteeing that a citizen's voice and interests carry as much weight as that of a wealthy individual, major corporation, or powerful government. The historical context that motivated the drafting and passage of this amendment is discussed, as is the evolution of civil law, jury trials, and the application of the Seventh Amendment in American history, from colonial times to the present. Contemporary, straight from the headlines cases--including Toyota's recent woes--illustrate the relevance of the Seventh Amendment and its application to cases involving consumer protection, environmental cleanup, medical malpractice, and corporate wrongdoing.

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Series Review: Amendments to the United States Constitution
"These well-written, objective, and informative introductions to the Bill of Rights discuss the historical reasons for each amendment, its basis in British and American common law, and the statutory and case law that shaped its implementation and development...Sidebars and large, captioned photos and illustrations supplement the texts. While primarily useful for reports, these books will also give students perspective on current events."
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Series Review: Amendments to the United States Constitution
"Each volume in this series provides a thorough examination of the amendment - from the history leading up to its adoption, to how the amendment relates to us today. The consistent layout includes an introduction, and sources to go to for more information and further reading."
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