The Mysterious Master Builders of the Stone Age

Ancient Secrets and Alien Gods

This captivating book exposes readers to the question classic archaeologists can't seem to answer: how were some of our great Stone Age structures built? Impossible constructions, such as the Egyptian pyramids, required such amazing precision and mechanical ability that some archaeologists still wonder how they were ever built during their time. This book is a fun and investigative read that will get people interested in ancient history. It will also undoubtedly inspire any reluctant reader to fly through the pages.

Library Bound Book List: $41.47 / S&L: $31.10

Reading Level: 7-8

Interest Level: 7-12+

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-5081-7102-7
Author : Erich von D?niken
Copyright : 2016
Language : English
Category : High Interest
Pages : 224
Trim : 6" x 9"
Dewey : 909--d23
Subject : High Interest
Binding : Library
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