The Korean War and The Vietnam War

America at War

Spanning from the 1950s to the 1970s, the United States was involved in two wars that were fought far from home--one in aid of South Korea against the neighboring Communist North Korea, and a second waged through the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Both of these engagements were a reaction to what American leaders feared as being Communist takeovers, and both created storms of political controversy and upheaval that still echo today. This book explores both wars in detail to help readers understand why the conflicts occurred and what their lasting effects have been.

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Series Review: America at War
"This series tells the full story of the major military conflicts of the United States like few other sets have done, while being written in a way that almost anyone could understand. Numerous illustrations and pictures aid in explaining what happened. The brief biographical sketches of nearly every major person of world importance at the time are objective and filled with detail. Many news items, speeches, and military engagements are explained in blocked text, giving the reader a better understanding of terms and events...This set provides good value for the money."
--Library Media Connection

Series Review: America at War
"This five-volume set provides useful information for students who are preparing a research project or are simply interested in the battles, political and military figures, and background information presented. Each volume is well organized, with a liberal sprinkling of photographs, short biographical sketches, and primary source documents...this well-prepared series will be of value to readers for both classroom assignments and personal interest."
--VOYA Magazine
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