Frequently Asked Questions About Being Part of a Military Family

FAQ: Teen Life

The teenage years can be hard enough without any additional stresses. Yet being part of a military family can provide a number of additional strains and anxieties, especially during wartime. These can include separation from parents, worry about their well-being, repeated moves, separation from friends, and always being the new kid in school. Yet being in a military family also offers some special opportunities, such as travel, living in a foreign country, a tight sense of community with other military families, and a sense of national service and commitment. This book gently guides readers through the struggles and joys of family life in the military and provides lots of concrete coping strategies, insightful advice, and compassionate reassurance. Includes myths and facts about being part of a military family and ten great questions to ask a counselor.

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Book Review: FAQ About Being Part of a Military Family
"A conversational tone keeps the books readable, and specific topics have information relevant to teens' lives. For example, "Military Family's" tips on moving and adjusting to another environment could be useful to any new student. Other features are a "Myths and Facts" section and a list of important questions to ask a specialist (doctor, trainer, etc.). The books are all illustrated throughout with captioned color photos."
--Joanna K. Fabicon, Los Angeles Public Library, School Library Journal
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