The Distortion of Facts in the Digital Age

Digital and Information Literacy

Disinformation is as old as lying. Today, the Internet is moving toxic information faster than ever, to more people than ever, making it potentially more harmful than ever. Fortunately, the Internet can also furnish the antidote--facts. In this compelling volume, readers discover what the scope of disinformation is, why people distort facts, who the masters of disinformation are and how their methods work, the difference between fact and opinion, and how to develop skills to deal with the distortion of facts online. Whether people are doing research work, making everyday decisions, shopping, or just browsing, it pays to recognize digital dishonesty. There are lots of tools that help people separate fact from deception, and new ones are appearing every day. This cogent book aids readers in finding and using these tools.

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Reading Level: 6

Interest Level: 5-8

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-4488-8357-8
Author : Larry Gerber
Copyright : 2013
Language : English
Category : Technology, Guidance
Pages : 48
Trim : 7 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Dewey : 25.04
Subject : Technology, Guidance
Binding : Library
BISAC : JNF012030, JNF043000
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