Dinodino's Dinosaur Adventures

Dinodino is a clever and capable, bright blue brontosaurus. He and his four friends Dinobig, Dinojumper, Dinorunner, and Dinoriver form the Fivedinos. This dino-dynamic team swears to always help each other as they face deadly dangers, from treacherous volcanoes to hungry Tyrannosaurus Rexes and carnivorous plants. Each book is full of beautiful illustrations and weaves a fascinating adventure story that teaches readers about leadership, friendship, and teamwork. In the end, the five friends always escape peril thanks to living by their motto: "Dino for all, five for Dino!"

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Book Review: Five Friends Fight T-Rex
"This book about teamwork features Dinodino, a clever, capable, blindingly bright blue brontosaurus and his four dinosaur friends - Dinobig, Dinojumper, Dinorunner and Dinoriver - who embark on an adventure (think The Musketeers, only 50-feet tall) to duel with the dastardly Tyrannosaurus Rex. The team, called The Fivedinos, follows the motto, "Dino for all, five for Dino." As the team faces and overcomes challenges as only a starting lineup of 20-ton reptiles can, fascinating tales of overcoming volcanoes, dinosaur-eating plants and more unfold, all the while teaching valuable lessons about friendship, banding together and the unique contributions each member has to offer."
--The Boca Raton Observer
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Reading Level: 1-2

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