How to get published with Windmill Books

Windmill’s picture books combine powerful, poignant stories with important social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Social and emotional learning skills include relationship skills such as teamwork, social awareness skills such as empathy, and self-awareness skills such as identifying one’s emotions. Readers should learn to solve problems in effective ways through a familiar storyline. For more information on social and emotional learning, please explore the CASEL Framework for SEL. Windmill picture books pair accessible text with vibrant illustrations to capture the heart of the story and empower readers to apply essential skills to their daily lives.

If you have a picture book manuscript that you’d like to submit to Windmill Books, please send it to our editorial director Caitlin McAneney at with your name and book title in the subject line.

Please include a brief query letter in the body of the email covering your book’s plot, who you are, and why you’re the person to write this book. You may attach your manuscript as a Word document or PDF. If you already have illustrations or sample illustrations, please include them. We wholeheartedly welcome submissions from underrepresented voices.

The project specifications are as follows:

  • Each manuscript must be between 500 and 1,000 words long.
  • You may break the text up by page or by spread (our books are the standard 32 pages).
  • Add brief art direction if you have something particular in mind (how a character looks, how a setting looks, a certain object that must be on the page, etc.).
  • The main character should be between 5 and 7 years old. Main characters can also be animals, monsters, etc., but should have human qualities that make their situations relatable to kids.
  • Use simple, easy words, and short, simple sentences. Please avoid run-ons, complex sentences, or overly abstract ideas.

Help the kids in your life acquire language, label emotions, and express themselves today with a story from Windmill Books.